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PDT is recognized around the world as a safe, minimally invasive and effective treatment for many forms of cancer.

NGPDT stands for Next Generation PhotoDynamic Therapy. PDT was first discovered about one hundred years ago in Europe, but it was only incorporated into mainstream medicine (by scientists in the US) after eighty years had passed. The photosynthesising agent approved by the FDA in 1993 (Photofrin) has been referred to as “first Generation” agent. Subsequent discoveries have led to a dramatically advanced and greatly improved generation of photosynthesising agents and medicines: ‘Next Generation PDT’.

PhotoDynamic Therapy is an approved safe and effective treatment for cancer. It’s fundamental success lies in it’s ability to selectively attach to malignant tissue and cause singlet oxygen to be released inside the cancer cell, resulting in either necrosis (immediate cell death) or apoptosis (cells are damaged and will die later) while leaving healthy tissue unaffected. It also can have the effect of reducing the blood supply to tumors and in a patient with a competent immune system can lead to the production of a tumor specific ‘vaccine’ which helps to fight cancer tumors at distance sites throughout the body.

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Next Generation PDT has been developed through many years of R & D and is demonstrating remarkable benefits for patients. Unfortunately, there are a few companies who are falsely using our trademarked name, proven success and growing reputation in PDT treatment in an attempt to lure the unsuspecting and gullible.

These Clinics and individuals are infringing our Trade Mark and are in violation of our Patent, Trademark and Copy Rights.

These three entities (one in the UK and two in China) are using outdated technologies that are clearly inferior to the advanced NG PDT technologies developed by the Next Generation PDT Group.

(They use an agent discovered by the NGPDT group over 20 years ago which has a limited in depth penetration and do not have innovative and patented light delivery system lasers and light delivery systems in addition to other deficiencies.)

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