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BRACHYTHERAPY also known as Internal Gamma Knife or Nuclear Particle Knife (A Type of Internal Radiation Therapy for Carcinomas and Sarcomas)
nucleide to treat cancer (brachytherapy). This type of treatment has been used extensively in Seattle , USA for treating early stage prostate cancer. Our hospital was the first in Guangzhou to introduce and have been implementing this method of treatment and for the last 3 years with great success.

Treatment Principle

  • Brachytherapy uses internal radiation to destroy cancer cells and shrink tumors.
  • The radiation source, which looks like rice is made of titanium. Inside of it is a half-life iodine with an isotope of 125. This seed source or micro-radiator emits low-energy radiation continuously after it is planted accurately into the tumor or the surrounding area/tissue attacked by cancer.
  • The radioactive energy causes maximum destruction to the tumor tissue with little or no injury to the normal tissue
  • This form of internal radiation is far superior to external radiation which is used in conventional radiotherapy
  • With the help of a B ultrasonic or CT scanner, a 3- dimensional particle is transplanted into the area to be treated. The planting system is able to calculate the quantity required of the particle, its position and dosage amount based on the size of the tumor. Such information is necessary to let the dosage field developed by the radiation to form a ‘hot zone’ which is compatible with the tumor treating zone in order to kill the tumor. For normal tissue, particular organs situated in the ‘cold zone’ of the dosage field are not affected or damaged

Internal Gamma Therapy

Internal Gamma Therapy (IGT), also called Nuclear Particle Therapy, is the advanced treatment of cancer with locally applied radionuclide . Our department is the first one to introduce this advanced technology to Guangzhou and has performed the operation with consistent success. It is one of the most sophisticated techniques for tumor treatment both at home and abroad.. It includes the Therapy Planning System:

IGT has became a standard therapy for prostatic carcinoma patients. Our medical experts put a high value upon this new-technology and have been useing it with great success for over four 4 years in our department.

Treatment principle

The principle of Internal Gamma Therapy is the localized use of small radioactive sources or “seeds” accurately implanted into tumors or cancerous tissues (including involved lymph systems) under B-mode Ultrasound or CT control. Once placed, the ‘seeds’ continuously send out tumor controlling radiation which damages and kills the tumor cells.

Because of accurate placement in tumor, healthy tissue damage is reduced or eliminated. IGT is obvious superior in many instances to external beam radiotherapy because it is specifically placed in the target tissue and externally applied radiation does not have to pass through and damage normal tissue.

Therapy Planning System (TPS)

Therapy Planning System (TPS) is the technique of implanting seeds under the guidance of B-mode Ultrasound or CT. It can accurately calculate the amount, position and dose of the ‘seeds’ based on the size of the tumor. The seeds/sources deliver radiation directly to the tumor, thereby sparing surrounding healthy tissue.

  1. Three – dimensional tissue Orientation,
  2. Embedding System, for radioactive sources ("seeds" or wires)
  3. Radioactivity bracketing .

Features and Benefits of the treatment

  1. A ‘punctured particle’ needle is used to implant the particle into the body. This is a simple operation and causes minimal damage to the patient.
  2. This treatment can be used on any and every part of the body which is accessible to the reach of the punctured particle needle.
  3. This treatment method can be used for cases which have not responded to other methods
  4. The low-energy radiation which is emitted continuously effectively destroys the cancer cells. A sufficient dosage and appropriate generation time period result in the total eradication of the cancer cells and make for total recovery.

Application Range

This method can be used for brain tumor, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, lung cancer, cancer of esophagus, lymphoma, breast cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid gland cancer, cervix cancer, liver cancer, bone cancer, etc. Even cancers which have metastasized after operation can be treated.

A Short Summary of the Brachytherapy treatment process: Before treatment:
  • Take a PET/CT scan.
  • After, our doctors will plan your treatment and brief you on the course of treatment.

During treatment:
  • A small tube called a catheter is placed into the body in the vicinity of the tumor.
  • Then the titanium pellets are inserted through the catheter to destroy cancer cells.
  • Over a number of days the radiation gets weaker until there is no more radiation

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