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Being a hospital in China, we have the unique advantage of being able to tap into the knowledge accumulated for thousands of years in the area of health care by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our experts after years of clinical experience have adopted the use of Chinese Treatment Medicine in our tumor center. The specially formulated medicine uses ‘natural’ ingredients made from a mixture of plant/herb/animal origin. The medicines are useful and helpful for the detoxification of the spleen, kidneys and all the internal organs, improving the blood circulation and regulating the immune system. The beauty of TCM is that using it for the treatment of cancer causes no side-effects or complications.

In our hospital the use of TCM is usually integrated with the use of our advance equipment and methods. The unique combination of the time tested natural methods of traditional medicine with the most modern and advance treatments of Western medicine is a special feature of our oncology center.

The TCM prescriptions can be used in the process of chemotherapy and radiotherapy to reduce the toxicity, side-effects and immunodepression occurring during these treatments. The TCM helps inhibit tumor growth, recrudescence or metastasis in the combined therapy schema of tumor. It is specially useful for terminal stage patients for the relief of pain. It is also effective for diseases caused by disturbances in the immunological function such as delicate health, low resistance, being susceptible to the common cold and premature senility etc.

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Next Generation PDT has been developed through many years of R & D and is demonstrating remarkable benefits for patients. Unfortunately, there are a few companies who are falsely using our trademarked name, proven success and growing reputation in PDT treatment in an attempt to lure the unsuspecting and gullible.

These Clinics and individuals are infringing our Trade Mark and are in violation of our Patent, Trademark and Copy Rights.

These three entities (one in the UK and two in China) are using outdated technologies that are clearly inferior to the advanced NG PDT technologies developed by the Next Generation PDT Group.

(They use an agent discovered by the NGPDT group over 20 years ago which has a limited in depth penetration and do not have innovative and patented light delivery system lasers and light delivery systems in addition to other deficiencies.)

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