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International Cancer Therapy Center
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Next Generation PDT
This long-awaited Development brings, PDT (Photodynamic Therapy) to its rightful place, as a preferred cancer therapy for the 21st century.

We are an International Team of dedicated professionals, research scientists and physicians,  Read More...

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Next Generation PDT has been developed through many years of R & D and is demonstrating remarkable benefits for patients. Unfortunately, there are a few companies who are falsely using our trademarked name, proven success and growing reputation in PDT treatment in an attempt to lure the unsuspecting and gullible.

These Clinics and individuals are infringing our Trade Mark and are in violation of our Patent, Trademark and Copy Rights.

These three entities (one in the UK and two in China) are using outdated technologies that are clearly inferior to the advanced NG PDT technologies developed by the Next Generation PDT Group.

(They use an agent discovered by the NGPDT group over 20 years ago which has a limited in depth penetration and do not have innovative and patented light delivery system lasers and light delivery systems in addition to other deficiencies.)

Please Note:

Trademarks and Patents own by NGPDT Group

  • NextgenerationPDT
  • Photosoft
  • E6 Complex
  • PhotosoftDFJ
  • PhotosoftDFJ4